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Million Dollar Niche Site Project: September 2020 Update

November 10, 2020

I had anticipated for traffic and earnings to slow down a little bit in August because peak season for my niche is really the summertime.

So I was really happy this month to see a rebound back to an upward trajectory – my site had a record month for both traffic and revenue!

What Got Done This Month

  • I wrote and posted 1 article to the site, totaling 2,018 words
  • 9 articles totaling 27,457 words written by writers I hired were posted to the site
  • I spent $1,500 on my managed link building campaign with The Hoth to acquire backlinks to my site

These updates are probably getting a little boring at this point, but the formula is working so I don’t see any need to change what I’m doing.  If anything, I may ramp up the content and link spend over the next few months to reinvest profits I’ve made back into the site.

The beautiful thing at this point is that the site is cash flow positive and I’m spending minimal time on it.  Makes me feel less crazy for all of that time I spent writing content in the early stages of the site!


  • Amazon US: $2,106.82
  • Amazon UK: $4.59
  • Amazon CA: $32.91
  • Rakuten: $792.60
  • Shareasale: $105.85
  • Commission Junction: $2.00
  • Impact Radius: $64.00
  • Ezoic: $2,432.63
  • eBook: $19.83

Total Revenue: $5,561.23

Not too much to complain about this month other than Shareasale affiliate earnings dropping off – I’ll do some digging into that and see if there are any issues with broken links or something else like that.

Otherwise, I really loved to see the big bump in Amazon Associates and Ezoic earnings compared to last month!

Amazon US:





Commission Junction:

Impact Radius:



The upward trend of traffic continued in September with a nice bump to over 80,000 users.  My organic traffic continues to grow month over month and some of my content has been getting picked up by Google Discover, which has led to a few really nice traffic days.

Profit and Loss

Final Thoughts

Overall it’s hard to not be excited with each passing month.  I’ve mentioned before that I expected September and October to potentially be downward trending months, so having another record revenue month feels great heading closer to the holiday season.

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