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Million Dollar Niche Site Project: October 2020 Update

January 5, 2021

The niche site project train kept churning along in October.  I mentioned a few months ago that I thought the site’s revenue and traffic would slow down a little bit in the fall time due to seasonality, so I was super pleased to see a burst of growth this month heading into the holiday season.

I feel like these updates in a sense are probably getting quite boring because I’m not really changing much of my strategy month to month.  But I there’s an important lesson in there which I hope is illustrated by this case study.  Consistently creating quality content and building quality links can lead to some pretty crazy results if you stick with it over time.

What Got Done This Month

  • I wrote and posted 2 article to the site, totaling 4,002 words
  • 10 articles totaling 18,584 words written by writers I hired were posted to the site
  • I spent $1,500 on my managed link building campaign with The Hoth to acquire backlinks to my site

I’ve posted just about the same amount of content each month over the last 6 months, and it’s been working.  A little part of me is starting to wonder though whether or not it will be enough to keep my growth trajectory where it is in the long run.  My site is already out-ranking most other low authority niche websites for many keywords at this point – but it’s firmly behind 5 to 6 established sites in my niche that have been around for a while.

It’s something to keep an eye on over the next few months for sure – so I will likely set aside some of the net profit from the site now in case I decide to bump up my monthly content and link building spend.


  • Amazon US: $2,745.00
  • Amazon UK: $2.07
  • Amazon CA: $44.45
  • Rakuten: $910.52
  • Shareasale: $696.35
  • Commission Junction: $274.41
  • Impact Radius: $53.68
  • Ezoic: $3,227.77

Total Revenue: $7,954.75

I am incredibly happy to sniff an $8,000 revenue month for a site that is less than a year old for a lot of reasons, and I am excited to say the least about November and December.

Amazon US:





Commission Junction:

**Note**  This screenshot is slightly slower than what I reported above because it does not account for browser adjustments that I got this month from Commission Junction and there wasn’t a report that showed both commissions and browser adjustments together 🙂

Impact Radius:



Some milestones feel more monumental than others, and breaking 100,000 users in a month feels like one of those more monumental ones.  The site continues to gain momentum and ranking position in Google search results, and hopefully there is even more traffic to come to close out the year.

Profit and Loss

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