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Million Dollar Niche Site Project: November 2020 Update (And 1 Year Anniversary!)

January 5, 2021

November couldn’t have been a better month for this site to have it’s one year anniversary – this time of year is typically pretty great for anybody who makes money with affiliate marketing, advertising, or selling products.

I was fortunate as well that my site had an excellent traffic month in November.  That combined with a material increase in earnings per user thanks to holiday shopping led to the site shattering its revenue record from last month.  After it was all said and done, the site earned a whopping $12,449(!!) in revenue in November.

I’m pretty proud of the results so far with this project to say the least.  Out of the dozen or so affiliate sites that I’ve built in the last 5 years, this one was the quickest to reach a $10,000 revenue month by a pretty wide margin.  Many of my sites have never gotten close to that level of revenue!

What Got Done This Month

  • For the first month since the inception of this project, I didn’t write any articles myself this month
  • 8 articles totaling 18,440 words written by writers I hired were posted to the site
  • I spent $1,500 on my managed link building campaign with The Hoth to acquire backlinks to my site
  • I started a $795/month shotgun skyscraper link building campaign with the folks over at nichewebsite.builders

Link Building

I decided it was time to bump up my link building campaigns because I want the site to continue to grow heading into 2021, and I’m worried that it might plateau if I continue to build links and add content at the rate I have been going.  On the link building side, I decided to give nichewebsite.builders a try – they run link building campaigns that utilize a strategy known as the shotgun skyscraper popularized by Mark and Gael at Authority Hackers.

You can read more about the strategy by clicking on the link above, but the idea is this:

  1. Analyze your competitors and find a piece of content on their website that have a ton of links pointing to the page
  2. Create a variation of the piece of content that is better (higher quality writing, better information, more complete, etc.).  This is the “skyscraper” piece of content
  3. Leverage email systems to email lots of webmasters, including those who are linking to your competition currently, and ask them to link to your skyscraper content
  4. Once you acquire links to your skyscraper, add internal links to your skyscraper piece to distribute the “link juice” to the pages you want to rank higher in Google
  5. Rinse and repeat

This is the sort of thing I could definitely do on my own if I wanted to save some money on my expenses- lots of people who build niche sites for a living do just that with great success.  I’ve heard great things about the Niche Website Builders team though and I think my time is better spent elsewhere, so I’m giving them a try and am very excited to see what the results look like over the next 6-12 months.


  • Amazon Associates US: $3,236.58
  • Amazon Associates UK & CA: $81.89
  • Rakuten: $2,268.80
  • Shareasale: $995.10
  • Commission Junction: $623.82
  • Impact Radius: $418.16
  • Ezoic: $4,824.71

Total Revenue: $12,449.16

Amazon US:





Commission Junction:

**Note**  This screenshot is slightly slower than what I reported above because it does not account for browser adjustments that I got this month from Commission Junction and there wasn’t a report that showed both commissions and browser adjustments together 🙂

Impact Radius:


My Ezoic Premium account got bumped up another tier this month which led to my earnings per visitor skyrocketing.  However, the elevated tier came with a higher subscription fee so that ate a little bit into the total revenue number in this screenshot.


Some milestones feel more monumental than others, and breaking 100,000 users in a month feels like one of those more monumental ones.  The site continues to gain momentum and ranking position in Google search results, and hopefully there is even more traffic to come to close out the year.

Profit and Loss

It’s a beautiful thing to make more money as I work less on this project.  November was by far the best month so for on both of these fronts as I only spent about 2 hours working on the site for the entire month, which was mostly just checking and publishing the work of my team of writers!


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