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Million Dollar Niche Site Project: March 2020 Update

September 7, 2020

So the site didn’t take off to stratospheric levels in March, but the good signs kept on coming.  Traffic wise the site got about 4 times the amount of users it had in February, and it almost eclipsed the triple digit mark for the first time, earning $97.05 on Amazon Associates this month.

All in all I’m still very happy with how this project is coming along and I don’t see any reason to deviate from the game plan I’ve already laid out!

What Got Done This Month

  • I wrote and posted 19 articles to the site, totaling 35,443 words
  • I spent $1,000 on my managed link building campaign with The Hoth to acquire links pointing to my site

The word count I posted went down compared to the last two months, but I still got plenty of content written to be on a growth trajectory.  And frankly, I have other things on my plate than this project going on, so it wasn’t sustainable to be plugging 50,000+ words per month away for this site.

I’m also planning to invest quite a bit each month into link building campaigns for the foreseeable future.  I’m pretty confident that this strategy not only is going to accelerate the time table for this project to hit the break even point, I think it’s a competitive advantage that I have over other sites in my niche – especially newer ones.


  • Amazon Associates: $97.05


I mentioned that the site got about 4 times as much traffic this month as it did in February.  Take that with a little bit of a grain of salt since the numbers are pretty small right now – but it’s still a great sign nonetheless.

You’ll notice the steady up trend of traffic throughout the month along with the spike at the end, which I’m hoping is a sign for things to come in April and beyond!

Profit and Loss

I mentioned last month that the link building campaign is probably going to keep me cash flow negative each month for the near future.  That’s obviously a price I’m willing to pay, especially since I’m writing content myself and not spending anything in that department.

Final Thoughts

All in all, a pretty mundane update this month, but I’m still feeling great about the foundation we’ve built and the trajectory the site is on!

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