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Million Dollar Niche Site Project: June 2020 Update

September 7, 2020

June was a really fun month!

Back in April, if you had told me the site would have had a $3,000 month by June, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Amazon had just cut their affiliate program referral fees by more than half, and I thought it was going to be a serious setback.

Of course the site would be making more money if Amazon hadn’t have cut their fees, but I still couldn’t be happier with where this project is right now.  I still think there is plenty of room for growth, I just didn’t think we’d be seeing this much revenue this quickly.

What Got Done This Month

  • I wrote and posted 12 articles to the site, totaling 24,864 words
  • I spent $1,000 on my managed link building campaign with The Hoth to acquire backlinks to my site
  • I hired a writer to write an eBook that I self published on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

May’s traffic and revenue numbers gave me a little bit of a second wind with my writing, so I was able to get about 50% more content up on the site compared to last month.

I stuck to what has been working and kept my $1,000 per month budget on link building.  It’s hard to quantify just exactly what my return on link spend is but I know it’s very positive – and a large part of the reason I’m outranking competitors in Google search results is because I have more higher quality websites linking to my site.

About the eBook

That one might have seemed like it was out of left field, but I have self published books with Amazon’s KDP program before with moderate success and saw an opportunity to get a book written that might enhance the site and earn some revenue.

All of the content on my website is published under a pen name (so I don’t use my own identity), and I used the same pen name to publish the book on Amazon.  The book should make money on its own, and I’ll also reference it on my site in a few places to make the pen name seem like a more credible source.

The thinking is that if a user comes to the website and sees that the website writer also has a published book, they’re more likely to think that the writer really knows what they’re talking about!

And I only paid a ghostwriter $200 so it’s not a huge sunk cost if it doesn’t work out.


  • Amazon US: $1,313.44
  • Amazon UK: $7.49
  • Amazon CA: $15.16
  • Rakuten: $931.21
  • Shareasale: $398.77
  • Ezoic: $610.87
  • eBook: $9.35

Total Revenue: $3,286.29


Amazon US:





The site continued to rise in ranking for various Google search results, and started to get into the top 3 for some money keywords.

The huge spike in Rakuten revenue happened because one of my articles jumped to position #3 in the search results for a highly searched keyword with lots of buying intent relating to a specific product of a popular brand in my niche.

Aside from extreme examples like that one, most of the pages are generally crawling their way up and up the search results – leading to significantly more traffic as time goes on.

Profit and Loss

The PnL gets better and better with every month that passes by.

With over $2,200 going into my pocket after expenses this month, it’s definitely time to start hiring writers and transitioning myself off of being the primary source of creating content for this site.

Choosing to write the content for this site myself was a cost saving strategy for the beginning when things were at the start up phase.  Of course I could still save some cash by writing myself, but that’s not the point of creating this asset.  My time is valuable and I’d rather trade some money (by hiring somebody) to free up my time to do what I want with it.


Thanks again for following along with the project!

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