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Million Dollar Niche Site Project: December 2019 Update

August 14, 2020

Over the next couple of months, these updates are probably going to be pretty boring.

Making money is the fun part, and I’m still a few months away at least from earning my first dime.  But this month was still a crucial one, even though I don’t have much to show for it.

What Got Done This Month

  • I ordered one more Hoth Foundations package to lay some link building groundwork for building my site’s domain authority
  • I wrote and posted 13 articles to the site, totaling 29,668 words


This month I just stuck to the game plan – more content and more foundational links.  I’ll probably cut back on links for the next couple of months while my site is still super new and unlikely to rank high for any keywords in Google and just focus on content.

I posted fewer total articles this month but my total word count was pretty similar to what I put up in November.  A lot of the keywords I wrote articles around this month just happened to


Once again, I wasn’t expecting much for this month as far as my site’s traffic is concerned.  It’s still so new that Google probably won’t be ranking it for any keywords for another couple of months.

Profit and Loss

This month’s PnL is another good reminder that building niche sites aren’t a get rich quick scheme.  You can definitely make some serious, passive money with a site like this – but that’s not going to happen overnight.

There weren’t any expenses this month other than paying for a few more foundational links.  As mentioned before I’m planning on not spending anything on link building over the next couple of months as I think the best move short term is just to get as much content up on the site as possible.

I’ve decided I’m going to keep sharing a hypothetical PnL of the site that reflects what my investment would look like if I was paying a writer to create content the whole time instead of doing it all myself.  I think looking at things this way is really helpful to decide if this sort of investment is a good fit for your goals.

Final Thoughts

This update is pretty short and sweet – nothing crazy happened and it was a lot of just sticking to the formula that I think is going to work out.

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